Capturing live content to enhance donations

September 4, 2017

Capturing live content to enhance donations

This week I’m in Oslo, working from the Homeless World Cup annual tournament, capturing live content to enhance fundraising opportunities.

The Homeless World Cup brings together teams of people from over 50 countries who have experienced homelessness in the past year. They compete over the course of a week in a series of football matches culminating in finals on the last day.

Being here has given me the opportunity to watch the games, see how sport brings people together and gives them something to strive towards. It has meant that I can speak to the players and hear their stories, capture them on video, and use this live content to drive donations.

Through a mixture of YouTube content, scripts for commentators and celebs (Michael Sheen), Facebook boosted posts, and Facebook ads to specific target countries and audiences based on who is playing we’ve been driving people to a donation page. The content on this has been updated throughout the week based on people I’ve met and the stories they’ve shared.

Working from the tournament has also enabled me to see the correlation between donations and people who are in the stands watching the matches first-hand. For example, when Sweden play, I can immediately see donations coming through in Swedish krona.

While of course in the world of digital, it’s possible to do all of this work remotely and be capturing content and monitoring results from afar, being here has really brought the tournament to life and has meant that I’ve been fully absorbed in the atmosphere and the stories which has enhanced the content I’m using to generate donations.

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