Amnesty International

Free Raif

We helped develop a lead generation campaign in support of the Raif Badawi case in 2015.

The aim

On 9th January 2015, Raif Badawi, a Saudi blogger, was taken blindfolded into a public square in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and given the first of 1,000 lashes. He was sentenced to this plus a decade in prison for writing a blog that championed free speech and encouraged debate about reform in his country.

Amnesty International asked THINK Digital to develop a campaign to bring public attention to the issue before he would receive another, potentially fatal, flogging.

The Free Raif campaign was quickly set up across over 30 Amnesty Sections in multiple languages and currencies.

What we delivered

  • Creative strategy and concept development
  • Design, build and hosting of landing pages in multiple languages and currencies
  • Development of marketing assets

The results

Over 50% of people who visited the site signed up Р1.1 million signatures worldwide Рand from a test group of visitors 1% donated online immediately after signing the petition.