THINK Digital

Optimisation & Analytics

We optimised an international humanitarian NGO's donation pages.

The aim

An international humanitarian NGO asked us to run some optimisation tests on their donation pages with the aim of increasing lifetime value.

We wanted to test making some fundamental changes to the page, assessing the performance of this and then using that as the ‘control’ which we would make smaller tweaks to.

What we delivered

  • Using previous learning from similar optimisation projects, we A/B tested by pitching a control donation form (their current donation page) against one with a new look, feel and user experience.
  • Design and user experience of the test donation page with suggested donation amounts, preselected prompts, more significant imagery, and simplified donation forms with fewer fields.
  • With the results from the initial A/B testing, we then built an entire donation process to see what impact it would have on overall performance.

The results

With the initial testing, the new donation forms produced a 33% increase in the average gift with no dip in conversion rates.

After restructuring the whole donation process, there was a year one income increase of 50%, with an 80% increase in annual income (when projecting seven year lifetime value with 20% attrition built in).