Ramadan campaign

We helped develop a fundraising campaign during Ramadan 2015 for UNHCR MENA region.

The aim

UNHCR launched a campaign during Ramadan 2015 with media partner MBC to ask people in the region to donate $1,500 to protect a refugee family who had fled from the conflict in Syria. The target was to help 12,000 families for a year.

The story was told by a Saudi youth icon, Ahmed Shugairi. He has 10.4 million followers on Twitter and 11 million fans on Facebook.

What we delivered

  • Campaign strategy and concept development
  • Design, build and hosting of landing pages
  • Development of organic social media posts
  • Management of influencer engagement

The results

Within two seconds the site had 8,000 visitors, over 80% from a mobile device.

The campaign raised over $9 million with several million coming in online in the first week.