World Wildlife Fund

Earth Hour campaign

We helped develop and deliver a lead generation campaign around Earth Hour 2016 for WWF.

The aim

WWF wanted to test running a joint campaign between nine offices in Latin America with the aim of maximising the massive public interest in the region for Earth Hour.

THINK Digital devised a campaign in which WWF asked people to shine a light on climate change. A competitive element encouraged people to vote for the natural resource or species from their country that they most wanted to save.

What we delivered

  • Creative strategy and concept development
  • Design, build and hosting of landing pages (in multiple languages, with users being directed to the correct page based on their location through Geo-IP redirect software)
  • Development of marketing assets, including conversion emails and SMS

The results

Nearly 60,000 people voted across nine countries, with 89% opting in to further contact.

The economies of scale meant new offices could build lists of potential donors cost-effectively.