Creating Winning Digital Campaigns – A ‘hothouse’ session at IFC 2017

October 25, 2017

Creating Winning Digital Campaigns – A ‘hothouse’ session at IFC 2017

As part of this year’s International Fundraising Conference, Derek Humphries from DTV and I led a ‘hothouse’ session on how to create winning digital campaigns.

We wanted to try something a little bit different from your usual conference fare, and so we decided to invite the attendees to create and present a complete digital campaign. Utilising the wider THINK Digital team – labouring away remotely from the UK – the groups put together campaign copy, imagery, landing pages, influencer outreach, and audience profiles – and all in just three hours – before presenting their campaigns back to the wider group.

We were really pleased with the results. Groups representing notional charities Disaster Response International, Enough For All, Orangutans Forever, and The Freedom Campaign respectively were able to pull together compelling, forward-thinking digital campaigns within the space of a few short hours.

  • Disaster Response International focused on an emergency which had just hit Costa Rica. They needed to raise money from around the world quickly in order to provide relief on the ground. They pulled in influencers such as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, and used Facebook profiling to target retired grandparents in the US and Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Enough For All produced a campaign focusing on Ramadan. Through Facebook advertising they targeted Muslim mums with young children and disposable income, and planned to bring on board influential activists such as Dr Basel Abuwarda and Refaat Esque.
  • Orangutans Forever centred their campaign on saving a piece of land to avoid Derek the Orangutan losing his home. They went beyond targeting influential naturalists and environmental activists, to try to reach more leftfield options, such as Planet of the Ape star Woody Harrelson. Through Facebook audience profiling they targeted wealthy outdoors-loving individuals – those into cycling and trekking, and those in professions such as banking and medicine.
  • The Freedom Campaign focused on Amal Clooney’s campaigning to free her cousin who had been wrongly imprisoned in Nigeria. Through Facebook advertising they targeted young activists in the US, Bernie Sanders fans, CND members and followers of the human rights movement. Their influencers included celebrities such as Adele and Madonna.

It was a fantastic experience creating these campaigns in such a short period of time. Beyond this, the session proved how effective international working can be – the remote THINK Digital team were able to put together the campaigns in real-time, making the ideas and imaginations of the session attendees a reality.

Watch this space for details of similar sessions at conferences next year.

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