Amy Copeland

Amy Copeland

Organisational/Team Design Coach

With a background in the agency world, Amy has six years experience in digital operations, specialising in Agile practices, coaching, change management, and team design. She has a wealth of knowledge in evolving business systems and processes, looking to reduce waste and improve the way organisations work together to achieve their goals.

She believes strongly in a lean, coaching approach and that the key to effectiveness is through providing teams with the tools and environment in which a culture of continual improvement, autonomous learning and problem solving can be fostered, enabling them to become self-managing and high-performing.

She is passionate about singing and country music, is a lover of travelling and the mountains, and is a massive fan of a good Netflix series and pizza!

Latest thoughts from Amy

May 17, 2018

Organisational health: are you getting your five a day?

Does anyone else struggle as much as I do to be healthy? To ensure you get those five a day in? To reduce sugar and fat intake, to drink enough...