Ten characteristics of successful digital organisations

Aroon Dougan
June 29, 2017

Research has found that whatever the organisation – be they in the corporate or non-profit sector, and regardless of what product, cause or service they are engaged in – those which are having the most success in the digital space all share similar characteristics.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked with a range of INGOs to help them build their digital capacity and increase their engagement and fundraising potential through online channels.

Here are ten characteristics which enable organisation to succeed in the digital space:

  • User-focused, user-centric and user-accountable
  • Symbiotic: joined up/collaborative in spirit and in practice
  • Of the web, not just on the web
  • Open: innovative, inventive and aware
  • Analytical and data-driven
  • Inclusive: everyone on board, everyone involved
  • Agile and flexible with a strong test and learn culture
  • Have and encourage strong leadership, teamwork and focus, at all levels of the organisation
  • Interactive: dialogue is invited, encouraged and valued
  • Think like a platform

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