Coaching and mentoring

Jason Potts works with a range of senior leaders across the sector to help them, and their organisations, increase their digital fundraising and engagement and become digitally focused.

We also work on team design, led by Amy Copeland and Jason Potts.

Teams are at the core of every organisation, and a lack of effective teamwork can be crippling, causing silos, duplication and high turnover. In the complexity of organisational life, it can be easy to forget the importance of the fundamental components that teams require. Team design coaching reaches far beyond lets-build-a-raft-to-cross-a-river-together, and digs deep into the very heart of creating effective teams.

Amy and Jason work with organisations to align teams, new, old, small, and large, to a common purpose and provide the tools in which to work towards self-management and high-performance through a series of workshops and onsite coaching.

Digital culture transformation and strategy

We work with a range of non-profits to help them transform to become digital first organisations, and to develop strategies to help them grow their digital fundraising.

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