Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring

Digital Fundraising

Jason Potts works with a range of senior leaders across the sector to help their organisations increase their digital fundraising and engagement and become digitally focused.

Team Design

Effective design and how teams are set up is crucial in enabling them to be as highly performing as possible. We call this Team Design. We support leadership and teams themselves to help them define their own working culture and be set up to be self managing and highly performing to execute their fundraising plans.

Agile coaching

We believe in an Agile approach to getting work done and use these principles at the heart of our engagement with teams. We help organisations understand how they can adopt an Agile approach to getting work done and begin to make the shift in mindset from ‘go faster’ to ‘getting the right things done well’.

This work is usually carried out through a series of workshops and onsite coaching.

Other ways we can help

Digital culture transformation and strategy

We work with a range of non-profits to help them transform to become digital first organisations, and to develop strategies to help them grow their digital fundraising.

Campaign strategy, development and delivery

We help non-profits to deliver engagement campaigns across both recruitment and retention streams. This includes: Strategy and planning, Design, build and host, Analytics etc

Optimisation and analytics

We carry out digital fundraising optimisation reviews and provide analytics audits and set up to a range of non-profits, both in the UK and internationally. Recent clients include UNRWA, UNHCR, International Rescue Committee, SSAFA, and the Homeless World Cup.

User research and testing

We work with non-profits to improve their digital user experience through research and user journey testing. We present solutions based data and best practice and prepare testing strategies to verify our recommendations.