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We work with a small, select group of organisations to help them create transformational changes in the way they use digital channels across their work, the way they raise funds or the way they engage with supporters online.

Paid social recruitment

US office of an INGO

We worked with this organisation on their paid social recruitment for almost a year to help them recruit a high volume of new donors at at least a 2.5:1 ROI over year end.

All campaigns achieved ROIs of over 2.5:1, the highest being 25:1. On 31st December, overall ROI was 50:1.

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Global Testing Team

International NGO

We were asked to help coordinate a series of tests across eight of this client’s offices in order to foster shared learnings and implement lean and agile best digital practice.

By testing and learning from active hypotheses across local markets, we helped offices build real evidence and data to help assess which digital engagement methods would work at scale, globally and in the future. We helped foster a culture of shared working and learning across offices. A lot of the tests achieved positive ROIs at the point of recruitment and members found the ways of working and learning very beneficial.

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Social listening


We worked with UNICEF Sweden to identify potential new audiences using Brandwatch’s audience data feature. UNICEF Sweden then built three different personas based on audience profiling and tested marketing to them during a value exchange test.

The value exchange campaign exceeded expectations with 600 leads recruited in 24 hours. Through a conversion programme, the test achieved a year one ROI of 3.4:1 and five year ROI of 14:1.

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COVID-19 appeal

International NGO

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were asked by this client to recruit new donors globally through digital channels with a call to action focused on enabling them to continue their work in developing countries throughout the crisis.

The appeal has recruited over 10,000 one-time donors and over 500 monthly donors and has consistently achieved a positive ROI at the point of recruitment across channels.

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We create positive change through audience-focused, data-driven, agile strategy, marketing and analytics.

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We create positive change through audience-focused, data-driven, agile strategy, marketing and analytics.

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