How Fundraise Up can drive new monthly donations

According to Fundraise Up, UNICEF USA witnessed a “300% increase in recurring monthly digital donors” after implementing the digital fundraising platform on their website. Attracting monthly donors is important to an organisation's long term planning and support, so how does Fundraise Up achieve these improvements?

15 September 20223 min read

Heart icon expanding from monthly donation button / Image Credit: Fundraise Up

It’s no secret that here at THINK Digital we are big fans of the digital fundraising platform Fundraise Up and have even written previously about five things we like about the platform

Having used Fundraise Up for multiple international clients over the past year, one of our favourite aspects of the platform is the the way it is optimised to turn more supporters into recurring donors.

Encouraging monthly donations

User selecting monthly donation option and small heart icon animating from it before fading
User selecting monthly donation option and small heart icon animating from it before fading

Clients are able to customise the interface to prioritise one-time or monthly donation options, By default, Fundraise Up highlights the importance of giving monthly, using a heart icon that animates when the user clicks the monthly option.

It is a small detail but one that adds a playful interaction to the process and encourages the user to select the monthly option.

Multiple Payment Methods

User selecting payment method for monthly donation
User selecting payment method for monthly donation

Once the user has selected a monthly donation amount, they are able to complete payment in a number of ways that support regular giving. 

Standardised methods such as Credit/debit cards are included alongside third party options such as Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Depending on the donor location, there is also the option to donate via BACS (UK Direct Debit) or ACH (US Direct Debit) and other localised methods. 

Allowing the user multiple ways to give monthly ensures they feel in control of the process and provides freedom to the choices they make.

Convert to a monthly donation

User presented with option to become a monthly donor and convert one-time donation to monthly
User presented with option to become a monthly donor and convert one-time donation to monthly

Even if the donor only wants to make a one-time donation, Fundraise Up might convince them to become a monthly supporter instead as they go through the donation process. 

After selecting a one-time amount, the donation process presents the user with the option to convert to a monthly donation, suggesting an amount based on their one-time gift and explaining how an ongoing monthly donation can support the organisation in their mission. 

This is also repeated at the end of the one-time process where you can convert to regular giving, post-donation. 

Final thoughts

The tools provided by Fundraise Up help to ensure an easy process for users to become monthly donors. Using these alongside a long-term regular giving strategy can help drive new monthly donors, convert one-time donations and provide recurring support for the organisation and their mission. 

Read more about Regular giving on Fundraise Up.


At THINK Digital, we work directly with clients to provide long-term recurring giving strategies and improve their online digital fundraising. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

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