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Read about our experiences running campaigns, devising strategies and other thoughts from our work in the digital sector.

How to build the perfect donation page

So you’ve spent money on advertising and people are landing on your donation page. But how do you ensure that clicks become conversions? Over the past decade, THINK Digital has created donation pages for many clients including UNHCR, IRC, WFP, UNFPA and Save the Children. In this post, we share five things we believe are essential in ensuring that you maximise conversions.

14 October 2022

How Fundraise Up can drive new monthly donations

According to Fundraise Up, UNICEF USA witnessed a “300% increase in recurring monthly digital donors” after implementing the digital fundraising platform on their website. Attracting monthly donors is important to an organisation's long term planning and support, so how does Fundraise Up achieve these improvements?

15 September 2022

Six months on, how Facebook’s new targeting restriction’s are working.

Earlier this year, we outlined how Facebook’s new targeting restrictions could affect the ability to find customers in Ads Manager. Six months on, how are the new restrictions working, and how can advertisers now find their audience?

15 July 2022

How can we mitigate against the phase out of cookies and changes to iOS?

Earlier this year, Google announced that Chrome would no longer support third-party cookies from the start of 2024, and Apple has released the option for users to block identifiers for advertisers by default in iOS14.

28 June 2022

Facebook’s new targeting restrictions: what does it mean for advertisers?

In Autumn 2021, Facebook announced significant changes to the way advertisers can target prospective customers in Ads Manager. These changes came into effect in mid-January 2022, and have reduced the possibilities for advertisers looking to expand their current audience.

27 January 2022

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